Mongolian copper corporation LLC is an asset management company that focuses Mongolia’s key sectors, mining and heavy industry.
In order to establish mid and long-term socioeconomic benefits, we incorporate good corporate governance and best practices that cohere to Mongolian laws and international standards into core objectives and goals of the assets development within our portfolio
In June 2016, our company acquired 49% of “Erdenet Mining Corporation” LLC and “Mongolrestsvetment” LLC from the Russian Federation’s “Rostec” SOE.

“Erdenet mining corporation” LLC is the leading copper and molybdenum mining and refining factory of Mongolia.

“Mongolrostsvetment” LLC is a fluorspar mining and refining company.

51% of these assets are Mongolian state owned. In order to increasing public-private sector co-operation and efficiency our representative on the Board of Directors for these assets are focused in creating investment plans and procurement policies that establish good corporate governance and best practice, while decreasing production costs and increasing profitability.