Legal dispute over EMC ownership comes to an end

(MCC) won over the Government of Mongolia at the Supreme Court for the second time yesterday. Thus, the property dispute over Erdenet Mining Corporation (EMC) between MCC and the Government that dragged on for two years finally came to an end. Earlier this year, the Cabinet decided to forcefully nationalize the 49 percent stake of EMC owned by MCC with its 7th resolution, which was followed by massive public backlash because the Supreme Court ruled against the Government on December 7, 2017. Therefore, the Government’s act has been confirmed unacceptable by several courts and the EMC board, which is fully formed by Cabinet members, was suspended. During the yesterday’s ruling, the Supreme Court revoked the Government’s 7th resolution on nationalizing EMC, resinstating the 49 percent stake of MCC. “With the Supreme Court's second ruling, the EMC will now be able to operate normally. We will now demand the Government to fulfill the court's decision and immediately hold the board meeting to address the facing issue as EMC is currently suspended by the international arbitration over a case involving the Government's share of 51 percent stake,” remarked Purevtuvshin Tsooj, CEO of MCC.

Source: ZGM Daily