Sustainable development

We aim to increase production capacity, resources and productivity of the Erdenet Mining Corporation LLC, Mongolrostsvetmet LLC and daughter companies as well as to improve efficiency and management of mining operation. Within this framework, the Company keeps as priority goal to preserve the present level of urban and regional development that were based on Erdenet Mining Corporation LLC, Mongolrostsvetmet LLC’s development. Furthermore, we identify our future goal to establish the country's leading region, regional infrastructure and socio-economic development in accordance with the infrastructure conditions and industry and mining activities.

The following objectives are being set out in the framework of sustainable development of the Erdenet mine and Bor-Undur mine. These include:

  • Extend mine life and increase resources
  • Develop a Mine Closure Plan and sustainable business and livelihood plan over Erdenet and Bor-Undur soum
  • Increase clean air and water supply and resources

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